Planning A Destination Wedding


Destination Weddings…A Wedding Away

Destination weddings are all about bringing your family and friends together to celebrate your wedding in a unique location. Weddings held away from your hometown can be much more intimate and relaxed. You spend more time together because you are staying in the same location without the obligations of work and home. Choosing the perfect location can be overwhelming, and here are some tips to get you started.
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Rackel-mendations How To Choose Your Wedding Style & Color Palette

You have a beautiful engagement ring on your finger, and wedding day to plan.  So many colors, so many styles, and so many themes to choose from!  Where does a bride even start?  One of the questions I always ask my clients is “What inspires you?”  Here are a few helpful hints and ideas to get you off and on your way to planning your style and color palette. Read More

You’re engaged! Now what?

Now that you have found your forever love and you are engaged to be married, what are the most important steps in the first stage of planning? Read More