You have a beautiful engagement ring on your finger, and wedding day to plan.  So many colors, so many styles, and so many themes to choose from!  Where does a bride even start?  One of the questions I always ask my clients is “What inspires you?”  Here are a few helpful hints and ideas to get you off and on your way to planning your style and color palette.

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, the season can be a huge help to defining the colors you use in your wedding.  Those gorgeous jewel tones look stunning in the fall and winter, and the bright pinks, orange, and yellow colors add just the right “pop” to a spring wedding.  Summer time weddings always seem so dreamy with hues of light pink, peach, and green.  And let’s not forget blue, at least a touch somewhere for “Something borrowed, something blue…”

Are you combining your wedding with a holiday?  There is nothing more romantic than a December wedding decorated with red roses and pines trees by candlelight, or a Winter Wonderland in all white with a touch of shimmer.  Halloween is now becoming a very popular theme for weddings, and can be very creative and fun.  Oh the party favors we will plan! And how about ringing in the New Year with a celebration that is all about you!  A New Year’s Eve wedding calls for lots of glitz and glamour in tones of gold, silver, and metallic black.

Your bridal gown is a major decision maker for the overall style of your wedding.  It says so much about your personality, and how you wish to be seen as you join your true love in marriage.  The flowers, linens, colors, and the entire bridal party should all be perfectly accessorized to the style and color of your gown.

So let’s talk about the flowers.  Many brides have a favorite flower or flowers that they envision in their wedding décor.   I have had many clients who actually planned their wedding for the exact time of year that their favorite flowers were in season.  Your wedding day only happens once, so making sure your flowers are available is essential.  If you don’t know when flowers are in season, or available, make an appointment with your florist to discuss this.  They will show you photos, and sometimes even show you examples of what they have in their cooler to see.

A great resource to use is  This site shows you real weddings in all sorts of colors and styles.  It’s fun to research this site with your bridesmaids, or even create a date night with your fiancé to determine your wedding colors.  Have fun with your planning, and no matter what style and colors you choose, it’s all in the name of love!